Election Fever


As election fever mounts, like NTV’s devoted readers (Sid and Doris Bonkers), our thoughts can’t help but turn to the white hot political cauldron of the Yarmouth North local council election of 1995. Who could possibly forget it? (All of us – Ed).

In the red (should that be green?) corner standing for the Labour Party was Roger Timms, while facing him in the blue corner for the Tories was Ken Hunn. As a stalking horse, and just to complicate matters for Celtic-minded constituents in Norfolk, there was Danny McGrain doppelganger Peter Dye, although further confusion no doubt arose when voters learned that Mr. Hunn was ‘a member of the Yarmouth lions Club’, which sounds a bit like the local CSC.

Rumour had it that Ken Hunn’s policy on completely banning savoury snacks in green wrappers from shops in the Norfolk area proved so unpopular with the electorate that he was soundly thrashed by Timms.



More politics in May’s subscriber issue due out soon.

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