Le Petit Merde

More than twenty years on since the grizzly events surrounding Maurice Johnston’s signing for Rangers, JB Banal looks back in a spirit of reconciliation. After two decades of contemplation and reflection, he’d still like to string Johnston up to the ceiling by his nipples.

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Unforgiven – Part 1

unforgiven johnston-scarf

“The formalities were completed on the Thursday evening when Johnston signed a two and a half year contract. He described it as, “The best day of my life” and at the time swore he would never leave, picturing himself signing new deal after new deal.”


Unforgiven – Part 2

unforgiven 2 mo-and-billy
Positively beaming, he declared in front of the cameras that he had rejected other offers in order to come back and play for his beloved Hoops: “I always wanted to play for Celtic and I still do.”


Unforgiven Part 3

unforgiven 3-johnston-devil

Johnston (who sat throughout much of the press conference with his tongue literally embedded in his cheek), looked about as comfortable as a laboratory frog that’s been connected to the mains as he made his contribution to the afternoon’s proceedings: “I am absolutely thrilled”, he said, sounding absolutely petrified, adding, “My admiration for the club is huge,” which was something else he’d kept to himself up until that point.

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