Celtic 0 Dundee 0

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Ronny would do well to heed Albert Einstein’s words on the back of a truly deplorable showing against a Dundee side that started minus its three most attacking players.

It was obvious from the team selection that it would be a long night. Bitton, Johansen and Mackay-Steven sat in reserve as our attacking front four stagnated.

Roberts was excellent in the opening forays, looking direct and composed. Easily our biggest threat for all of 10 minutes. He looks like the kind of player who will develop into a decent winger in couple of years – by which time he’ll be back in Man City’s second team. At the minute he’s not much better than the players our manager has tried in that position before him.

Absolutely nothing of note in the first half except a real lack of cohesion in the attacking quartet.

Armstrong had a stinker and was hooked at half-time which gave James Forrest a chance to finally show why he should never wear a Celtic jersey again.

The only chance worth talking about came from a run to the bye line by Roberts which resulted in a scuffed effort from Mulgrew that was tipped over by Bain. The Dundee goalie will have had few easier games this season.

On this form Mulgrew may want to keep an eye on May’s season ticket prices if he wants to get anywhere near Celtic park next year. Looked as if he couldn’t care less and did nothing to justify his selection.

It’s time to face the facts – we cannot win when we don’t pick the best eleven (which Ronny admitted in an interview for Radio Shortbread before the game he doesn’t know). Well here’s a clue, Ronny, Armstrong, Mackay-Steven and Rogic have contributed directly in the most goals and currently Johansen is a better centre-mid than Brown. These players have proven to be catalysts in games where the team, and sometimes individuals, have been found lacking. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Aberdeen narrow the gap to four points and it’s beginning to look as if this Celtic tem could actually come second in a one horse race. Without question, the most pitiful home performance for a long time and, sadly, the manager seems to have lost a lot of the support.


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