Not Moving On

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See all this crap about rebuilding a magnificent club? It is a denial of a world that has had its day.

When you get right down to it, what the world wanted to watch was the equivalent of bare knuckle fighting where the two contestants hate each other.

Anything based on hate is doomed to fail. Despite what our majority shareholder might believe, rebuilding “Rangers” as a truly “magnificent club” is going to take a change in the foundations on which it is built for a start.

Only a fool would attempt to rebuild on a swamp that engulfed his previous hoose, no matter how big it was.

So why no statements defining magnificent? Why no distancing themselves not just from Craig Whyte and Charlie Green, but also the mindset David Murray had and was trying to pander to?

Has Scotland such a poor opinion of itself that it thinks we are only attractive to the outside world by highlighting the worst in us?

Do we fear the bigots or the loss of the bigot pound so much we will continue to sell hate?

What in the name of a loving God is driving the kind of thinking so evident at the the likes of the SFA and Sky?

What will it take for those trying to resurrect “Rangers” to realise what died is not worth rebuilding?

When will the penny finally drop that honesty, real honesty is the only antidote to the poison that has killed their club and come clean on their motives?

If there was any sign of admission of wrong and the sheer scale of it then I could start thinking of forgiveness and mercy.
But without the honest truth emerging what is there to forgive?

How can the wrongs of the past be buried allowing everyone to move on, if the undertakers refuse to give the deceased an honest burial and lower the coffin?


  1. Ibrox is the Bates Motel of Govan – it houses the dead carcass of Rangers f.c rocking in its Bates family rocking chair with its hollow eyes and shrivelled skin wearing the blue top of a Rangers shirt from when it was alive. Norman Bates cannot come to terms with the death of his team and so deludes himself that it still lives on. The Sevco support even believe that it speaks to them telling them to destroy all the unbelievers as they are a threat to his/ their mother’s/ team. It will all end in tragedy.

  2. Unfortunately imo for Scotland the anti Irish/Catholic lies buried just under the surface so shallow, that a strong wind or few marching feet turn it into a Tornado of Hatred, to the shame of my Country.I have a suggestion for any Sevco game played at Celtic Park give them the minimum ticket Allowance we can and have enough Security needed to eject anyone uttering a word of a certain bigot dirge see how long Sky people stick around H H

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