1. Re. the article on Charlie Shaw, an interesting anecdote involves his Scottish Cup medal for 1922/23, which has been in the possession of McCafferti’s Bar, the Diamond, Donegal Town since the end of that season, when Charlie Shaw himself presented the medal to the current owner’s great-uncle. His great-uncle had discreetly removed himself to Glasgow following his involvement in the shooting of a black and tan who was behaving very badly towards his sister and mother in the pub some time in 1921 – the Black and Tan was called John Campbell. While in Glasgow his great-uncle found employment at Celtic Park and became great friends with Charlie Shaw, who promised if Celtic won the cup that year he would give him his medal. When the war was over, he returned to Donegal Town and later that year Charlie Shaw visited him and duly presented him with the medal. A photograph of the team and the medal is on display in the pub, and if you ask John McCafferti nicely he will show you the actual medal…

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