1. Dear NTV, you say you don’t do tammies, but shirley being a retro fhan you’ll have crash helmets available?

    Yours doon the front dodging the bottles after JP Gordon has
    A. Gave the Huns a dodgy penalty
    B. Denied us a clear penalty
    C. Chalked off a Celtic goal
    D. Sent off a Celt or two
    Etc etc etc

  2. Right, that’s the first request. Retro pit helmets decorated with pictures of Tommy Gemmell.

    Trying to source a supplier of white parallel trousers for you as well. Fashion in Glasgow hasn’t been the same since this place shut down.

    Krazy House, Glasgow.

  3. I see the Celts from Boston have the hats
    Didn’t realise that they needed them doon the front at basketball.

    Krazy House was some shop along with city cash tailors, but you can’t wear the hard hat without the full gear of the following
    White skinners or blue jeans, rolled up 1/2 way to the shins
    Pair of DM’s
    Scarf on each wrist
    Scarf hanging from the waistband
    Tricolour over the back
    Celtic home top
    Pair of Noddy Holder socks

  4. Hair was longer right enough, a feather cut was the order of the day not a skinhead, for me that came later.

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